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Back Of Van Scam

We strongly recommend that you do not buy a mattress from the back of a van – unmarked or otherwise.

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There are traders operating in this way around the country, offering heavily discounted mattresses – often as leftovers from another order. Labels frequently have RRPs on them suggesting a price many £100s more than the price being offered.

At best these products are likely to be worth no more than you paid for them.

At worst they could be illegal – not complying with fire safety regulations, trades descriptions or even containing old springs and fillings.

Some pass themselves off as well known manufacturer or retail brands.


Internet Scam

We also advise you to be careful when purchasing mattresses from some sites where unscrupulous traders can exaggerate specifications, particularly the number of springs and the depth of special fillings such as memory foam.

What appears to be a bargain may turn out to be simply a fair price for the actual product supplied.

If the only contact details for the trader is a mobile phone number or their website looks unprofessional, our advice is to steer well clear.

Watch our video by clicking here.


Want to report suspect traders?

Please report any suspect trading to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service, who will pass on your concerns to trading standards or the police. Call 03454 04 05 06 or visit

N.B. It will help the authorities if you have as much information as possible to hand – including any contact details, addresses, phone numbers and especially vehicle registration numbers.

Report Van Scams