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Why Join the NBF?

When you join the NBF you become part of one of the most respected trade associations in the furnishing sector – and the only one specifically for the UK bed industry. We represent the industry with government, regulators and standard makers – both in the UK and Europe. As a leading, impartial authority on beds and mattresses, we are a regular source of information for press, professional, legal and consumer enquiries. And through our public face, The Sleep Council, we are a major educator on sleep and beds and campaign for higher priority to be given to sleep and sleep quality in health education programmes.

We offer a range of other services to members – chief amongst these is the opportunity to exhibit at the highly successful Bed Show, which is held annually in Telford towards the end of September. Our annual networking Forum in the spring is also popular.

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With all these benefits and the credibility to your business of NBF membership come certain obligations. You sign up to these and other terms and conditions when you complete and sign your application form.

They include your agreement to abide by the NBF’s Rules of Membership and Obligations. Bed manufacturers additionally agree to an independent audit to the criteria of the NBF Code of Practice and to supply sales data (currently quarterly) for the compilation of reports giving an overview of the UK beds market.

Component suppliers currently do not have to be audited but we strongly encourage those with UK based manufacturing facilities for whom the criteria are relevant to opt to do so – most of our UK fillings suppliers have been audited.

Criteria for Membership

Before you apply, please check that your company meets these criteria:

  • Membership is open only to manufacturers of beds, mattresses and related products with a UK/Republic of Ireland manufacturing facility; or to components suppliers to the UK bed manufacturing industry.
  • All applicants will need to have been trading in the sector and in the UK / Republic of Ireland for at least three years. Supporting evidence may be requested.
  • The company must be manufacturing a substantial proportion (at least 70%) of their products in the UK. Assembling from flat pack, finished, boxed products does not constitute manufacturing).

The Application Process

Please download the application pack and complete all sections of the application form, which must be signed by a board director. Please note that:

  • All applicants need to identify three existing members of at least two years’ standing to propose and support your application – two of whom must be bed manufacturer members. There is a list of eligible sponsors included in the joining pack.
  • We will need a copy of your latest full (not abbreviated) accounts, which should be no more than 12 months out of date.
  • Your subscription band should reflect your beds and bedding related sales turnover in the UK and Republic of Ireland. If your accounts do not reflect this we will need a letter of turnover confirmation from your auditor or accountants.
  • A non-refundable one-off application fee of £1,000 + VAT is payable with submission of application form.
  • We may, as part of your application process, ask to arrange a visit by a member of the NBF team.
  • (Manufacturer applicants only) Once your application has been received and approved by the Board, we will arrange for your audit to take place

NBF Application Pack

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Rules of Membership

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Code of Practice Summary

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Benefits of Membership

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