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About the National Bed Federation

The National Bed Federation is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers. Founded in 1912, its members today account for about 75% of the total UK bedding turnover.

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What We Do – And Don’t Do

A major role of the NBF is that of education of both the trade and consumers. As the leading authority on beds and mattresses, it is regularly consulted by retailers, the press and numerous organisations including trading standards departments, consumer advice bureaux, health authorities, hoteliers, schools and colleges.

The NBF does not operate any consumer legal, conciliation or independent inspection services, nor is it a regulatory body.

Our Aims and Objectives 

Our reputation

The NBF has a good reputation for taking a positive stance towards industry standards, particularly where they affect the consumer.

The NBF has taken the initiative on several important safety aspects, playing a major role in ensuring that beds are less of a fire hazard. It introduced its own voluntary code for members on cigarette ignitability resistance before any legislation involving beds was even contemplated.


Members Directory

Our member directory is a list of current NBF members with contact details and a brief description of their principal business activities. Use the product finder to search members by the products they manufacture and supply.

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