BFC Flammability Guide

We are delighted to have been closely involved in the development of the British Furniture Confederation’s own user-friendly, updated Flammability Guide, “Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the home: a guide to the UK regulations”.

FIRA and the BFC have produced two excellent guides to help you and your customers through the maze of flammability rules, regulations and guidelines. One covers the domestic sector and the UK flammability regulations. The other covers the contract sectors.

The Guide, which has a foreward by MP Madeleine Moon, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Group; and a preface by Dr David Hawkridge – well known to many for his involvement in the furniture industry and flammability matters for many years, is divided into all sorts of useful sections, covering different product ranges covered by the regulations, including mattresses, bases, upholstered bed frames, toppers mattress pads and pillows, It looks at specific materials individually and also the various responsibilities under the regulations of manufacturers, retailers, importers and suppliers.

There is also a very useful FAQ section.

Domestic Guide

Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the home. A Guide to the UK Regulations

Download Domestic Guide

Contract Guide

Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the contract and non-domestic sectors

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NBF Flammability Enforcement Policy

At the NBF, we take compliance with the UK flammability regulations and standards very seriously. All members must sign a declaration each year to confirm that they are complying with the requirements for the UK. Unfortunately not every company trading in the UK is as scrupulous, possibly through ignorance, occasionally because of deliberate deception.

If you have any reason to be suspicious about a product or company trading in the UK, please let us know and we will, if appropriate, take the appropriate action.

N.B. The NBF is not and does not intend to take over any role as an official enforcement agent of the UK flammability regulations. However it does want to take a pro-active role in its policing and to encourage its members also to take a pro-active role in its policing. It is only through such co-operation that we can ensure that all companies comply with the legal requirements, that the public is not put at risk from the sale of unsafe products and that companies who take a lot of time and effort to ensure 100% compliance are not disadvantaged by those less scrupulous.

  • Testing: Carry out the appropriate flammability tests on the product at a UKAS accredited test house.
  • Results: If negative, send the results to the appropriate enforcement authority, usually the company’s local trading standards office.
  • Approach: Inform the company of the results.
  • Enforce: We will follow up with trading standards to see what if any enforcement action has been taken.
  • Report: We will produce reports on these actions and consequences where appropriate for the British Furniture Confederation and the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Group.

Need some testing done?

Check out our list of UKAS accredited test laboratories which carry out FR (and in some cases other standards testing) of mattresses and bases and upholstered bedsteads and furniture, including headboards.

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NBF Flammability Guidelines

This summary of the legal framework for meeting the flammability requirements for beds, sofa-beds and headboards has proved invaluable for ensuring our members understand how the different parts of the regulations apply.

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