NBF Code of Practice

Sleep Safe. Sleep Sound.

Now there’s a way to be completely assured that the beds you and your customers buy are everything they say they are.

That’s to buy from a National Bed Federation Approved Member.

Our new video explains what the NBF Code of Practice means for UK bed retailers.

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Download the NBF Retail Supporter declaration form and apply for your point of sale pack by clicking on the link below.

NBF Supporter declaration form

Every NBF Approved Member manufacturer (and quite a few component suppliers too) has been audited by EXOVA BM TRADA against NBF’s strict Code of Practice, which sets out criteria for ensuring processes and procedures are in place for supply chain scrutiny and compliance with regulatory compliance.

EXOVA BM TRADA is a major provider of independent certification, testing, inspection and technical services and incorporates furniture specialists FIRA International.


“The time has come to be more proactive in protecting the interests of reputable traders, to raise awareness of the problem and, by introducing the new Code for members and giving it teeth through independent auditing, provide a solution – buy from an NBF member!”

Jessica Alexander

Executive Director

“Playing fair and playing safe just aren’t negotiable standards for our members. It doesn’t just risk giving our industry a bad name, it isn’t just about unfair competition, it puts the public’s health and safety at risk too and it deceives them.”

Ebrahim Patel

NBF President 2015-16

Are the products you’re buying what they say they are?

The NBF Code of Practice sets out criteria for ensuring processes and procedures are in place for supply chain scrutiny and compliance with regulatory requirements. It covers seven key areas of business:

  • Flammability
  • Cleanliness of fillings
  • Trade descriptions
  • Labelling & composition of textile products
  • Awareness of EU timber legislation
  • Awareness of REACH regulations
  • Awareness of EU biocides legislation

In controlled tests, it took just 7.5 minutes for a non-compliant divan bed to burn out.

Unacceptable practice – an old mattress dressed up as a new one.

The mark of approval the public will be looking for

All NBF members manufacturing beds, headboards and other ‘finished’ products, having been audited and approved, will be using the ‘NBF Approved Member’ membership logo.

The logo is becoming a familiar sight on their products and marketing materials. It sends a clear message of reassurance to consumers that they can buy from an NBF member with confidence, safe in the knowledge that what they buy is safe, clean and honest.

NB The NBF Code is not a quality mark. The audits specifically look at best practice and processes within each company, rather than checking out every product every company makes – which would be an impossible task!

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Code of Practice Handbook

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