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Our approach to sustainability and our planet’s future

We are the bed industry’s conscience, and at the heart of everything we do is a simple idea – making sure that, as an industry, we always do the right thing.

We set the standard by driving ethics, transparency, and responsibility within the UK bed industry, and as such we are committed to encourage and support members in moving towards a sustainable future.

We will do this by engaging with legislators, working together across the supply chain and developing guidelines and tools which will help in a more sustainable future for the bed industry.

We will encourage and support the bed industry to become more circular and embrace new ways of designing products and methods of production that reduce the impact of the industry on the environment.

Where appropriate, we will encourage members to adopt industry, national and global standards or goals, and we will look to work and collaborate with other businesses and organisations also working towards a more sustainable future. This will ensure that our industry is part of the bigger sustainability picture.

We will encourage members to consider fully the social elements of sustainability throughout their business. We want members to be expanding opportunities for all people today and tomorrow to improve the communities in which they operate.

We are committed to making the bed industry as sustainable as it can be, and we will continually review the support and information we provide.

NBF Targets & Initiatives

We started back in 2014, with the publication of our first report on mattress end of life fates and recycling rates. Since then, we have produced three further reports – the latest in 2022.

In 2018 we announced our own ambitious target see 75% of all end-of-life mattresses diverted from landfill by 2028. We have been pushing for an industry led EPR scheme to help us reach this target.

In 2018, we also published our policy on used and reused components, which forms part of the NBF Code of Practice – this is being reviewed in 2023

In 2020 we published our ecodesign principles for mattresses.

In 2022 we launched the NBF Pledge for our Planet and began rolling out our ecodesign assessment toolkit to members.

In 2023 we were awarded Innovate UK funding to work with Manchester Metropolitan University on project to develop a test and test method for measuring cleanliness of fillings, building on NBF research already conducted.

We have been working closely with the recycling industry on ensuring we have a reliable and responsible recycling sector, helping the sector to establish the Mattress Recycling Association and its Register of Approved Mattress Recyclers (www.ramr.org.uk ), which officially launched in 2023.

We have been working closely with FISP – the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme – on a review of its audited programme. (https://www.fispfurniture.com)  In 2023 the new version was released and we will able offer members FISP audits

We will continue to monitor the targets and support we offer members to make sure they are appropriate, suitable and sustainable.

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NBF Sustainability

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NBF Green

Our Goal: 75% of new mattress sales diverted from landfill by 2028.

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