NBF Flammability Testing Guidance

At the NBF, we take compliance with the UK flammability regulations and standards very seriously. It is an inherent part of our Code of Practice which every NBF member must adhere to and on which they are independently audited on a regular basis.

To help UK bed manufacturers understand their legal obligations and provide them with clear advice on how to correctly make sample products for testing, what should be tested and how regularly, we have worked closely with the United Kingdom Textile Laboratory Forum (UKTLF) to produce a Best Practice Guidance document for Manufacturers for flammability testing.

To ensure a consistent approach to how the testing is carried out, we have also produced a Best Practice Guidance document for Test Laboratories.

You can download both documents below.

BFC Flammability Guide

The NBF was closely involved in the development of the British Furniture Confederation’s updated Flammability Guide, “Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the home: a guide to the UK regulations”.

FIRA and the BFC have produced two excellent guides to help you and your customers through the maze of flammability rules, regulations and guidelines. One covers the domestic sector and the UK flammability regulations. The other covers the contract sectors.

The Guides are divided into useful sections, covering different product ranges covered by the regulations, including mattresses, bases, upholstered bed frames, toppers, mattress pads and pillows, They look at specific materials individually and also the various responsibilities under the regulations of manufacturers, retailers, importers and suppliers.

There is also a very useful FAQ section.

Domestic Guide

Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the home. A Guide to the UK Regulations.

Contract Guide

Fire Safety of furniture and furnishings in the contract and non-domestic sectors.

SATRA Consumables for Flammability Testing

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your in-house testing with SATRA’s consumables


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