Sales Incentives Guide

Sales incentive schemes, including cash payments or rewards such as holidays given directly to retail sales staff, are not illegal as such but, unless very carefully and transparently managed, run the risk of contravening the Bribery Act or even competition law.

The NBF encourages ethical behaviour to protect the public’s trust and confidence in our members and their products, so our stance is now to recommend that companies cease to participate in such schemes. This advice is only guidance and it is up to members to decide independently whether they wish to offer such schemes or not.
The following legal guidance has been updated to reflect and clarify the current law regarding such schemes.

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Regulations & Standards

Guidance for all the relevant regulations and standards you might need to consider. 

Competition Compliance

The NBF is committed to free, fair and open competition and our policy is to comply fully with all aspects of UK competition law as well as, where applicable, EU and Irish competition law.