NBF Used & ReUsed Policy


NBF Policy on the Sale of Used & Reconditioned Mattresses, Used Components and Materials


This is the terminology the NBF intends henceforth to use to distinguish the various types of mattress or component under discussion.

Used Mattress: any mattress that has been slept on, regardless of length of time it has been in use.

Reconditioned Mattress: a mattress rebuilt from at least one used component.

Used Component: a component taken from a used mattress, eg: spring unit or springs.

Used Materials: any materials taken from a used mattress eg foam, fillings, ticking.


This policy provides guidance regarding the sale of used and reconditioned mattresses and used components and materials.

The guidance also forms part of the NBF’s Code of Practice and as such members are expected to comply.

The NBF is opposed to the sale of any used or reconditioned mattresses that have not been clearly labelled and described as such. Manufacturers should follow the principles of honesty and transparency by declaring to prospective buyers the mattress is used or is reconditioned with used components.

Used or reconditioned mattresses should meet requisite health, safety and hygiene standards.

[The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989, 1993 and 2010) apply to both new and second hand/used/reconditioned products offered for sale in the course of business, with or without payment.]

[The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 require all producers to ensure any product – used, second hand or reconditioned – placed on the market in the course of business to be safe – i.e. not to pose undue risk or harm in terms of health and safety to any person or persons.]


1. In accordance with the NBF Code of Practice, manufacturers and suppliers should be completely honest and transparent about offering for sale any used or reconditioned mattresses, components or materials. To do so otherwise would be in contravention of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, which prohibit misleading actions and omissions and thus constitute a criminal offence.

2. The labelling and description of a used mattress must include a prominent* display of the words ‘Used Mattress’.

*Prominent here meaning conspicuous/ easily seen by virtue of its placement, colour, type size and style.

3. The labelling and description of a reconditioned mattress must include a prominent* display of the words “Reconditioned Mattress” and identify clearly which parts are used or reconditioned eg ‘contains a used spring unit’ except where used components, including spring units, have been prepared for reuse in a defined and verifiable process.**

**There are established reprocessing techniques for used fillings allowing them to meet the health, safety and hygiene standards for new products and hence do not need to be identified as used or reconditioned. No such reprocessing techniques are yet available for used spring units. These units must always be identified as used.

4. If required to do so, a member will provide the specification and provenance of the components in a mattress offered for sale and any processes applied during preparation for reuse.

From time to time, the NBF reserves the right to challenge the information provided by a Member and request evidence of a product’s provenance. If these principles have not been followed, the NBF will follow the Due Diligence Programme which forms part of the implementation of its Code of Practice.

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