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Bigger is Better

Bigger isn’t always better but when it comes to beds, a bigger bed means each partner has more space, resulting in less disturbance and improved sleep. For a better night’s sleep, the NBF recommends buying the biggest bed you can fit into your bedroom.

Signs Your Mattress Needs Replacing

If your mattress is seven years old or more, you may need to think about changing it. It’s not just the visible signs of wear and tear, it’s what you can’t see!

Treat Yourself and Your Body To a New Bed

You can be doing all the things necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle but if your bed is past its best, you won’t get the refreshing night’s sleep you need to re-charge your batteries.

NBF National Bed Month video March 2018

Why your bed is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

NBF National Bed Month video March 2018

Why your bed is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. (With Subtitles)

Mattress Scam – Internet Rogue Traders

Why you should look for the NBF Approved label when buying mattresses online.

NBF Code of Practice – what it means for bed retailers

A video for the UK bed trade, explaining what the NBF Code of Practice means for bed retailers.

Beware the ‘White Van Man’ Selling Mattresses

Why you should never buy a mattress from the back of a van.

Toxic Sleep

Grotty old beds could be behind a growing epidemic of ‘toxic sleep’. People are not making the connection between poor sleep and the state of their mattresses. Replace before 10 years!

How much is sleep worth?

A decent double bed will only cost you 20p a night each, over the recommended seven year replacement cycle – now that’s value for money.

How to protect yourself from getting slapped and kicked in bed

A standard double bed gives less space than a baby has in a cot. Get the biggest bed you can!

How to make sure your bedtime doesn’t turn into a mite’s mealtime

A mattress over seven years old has absorbed two baths of bodily fluids and half a stone of dead skin!

How to tell if a mattress is safe, clean and honest

Don’t listen to the psychic octopus, look out for the NBF Approved label.

The Rip Off Van Scam

Don’t buy supposedly ‘cheap’ mattresses from the back of a van. At worst they could be fire hazards and at best uncomfortable and dirty.

The Great British Bedtime Report

See what our resident expert Jessica Alexander has to say on the results of our first ever Great British Bedtime Report.

Pillow Talk – Buying A Bed

A guide to shopping for a new bed.

Pillow Talk – Bed Tips

Advice on what to look for when choosing a new bed.

Pillow Talk – Sleep Tips

Top tips on the best way to fall asleep at bedtime and avoid restless nights.

Pillow Talk – Can’t Sleep

Advice on what to do if you find yourself unable to sleep.

Pillow Talk – Relax

Tips and advice on how to relax before going to bed.

Pillow Talk – Exercises

Series of exercises devised by Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies that will you leave you feeling great.