Consumers love their new mattress, latest NBF survey finds

Good news – 95% of consumers are satisfied with both the comfort and quality of their new mattress. This encouraging revelation comes from the findings of the latest survey on consumer bed-buying habits conducted by the National Bed Federation (NBF).

Head of marketing & membership at the NBF Simon Williams commented: “We know that choosing a new mattress is considered by many people to be quite a high-risk purchase as comfort is so subjective. Such a high level of satisfaction with both the comfort and quality of their new mattress is testament to the hard work of the whole supply chain in the bed industry.”

The NBF has been carrying out its twice yearly consumer surveys since 2017, quizzing 500 consumers who have bought a bed in the previous six months in detail about their bed buying journey. The latest was conducted in November 2021. In addition to levels of satisfaction with the product and the buying process, the survey identifies what type and size of mattress and/or bed is made, the price paid, frequency and reasons for replacement, where and how buyers carry out their research and their ultimate purchases, and even how their old bed is disposed of.

But while those satisfaction levels are high, 41% are replacing their old mattresses in five years or less, with a third citing as a reason for replacement that their old bed is worn out and a further 21% that it’s uncomfortable. Perhaps not surprising when you see that 46% are spending only up to £399 on their new bed and three quarters under £800.

The survey also found that while 76% used the internet as their primary source of research prior to purchase, almost half – 45% – also like to visit one or more stores.  However, 61% are purchasing their mattress online – higher than the 55% reported in the last pre-Covid survey.

The full reports of this and all previous consumer surveys are available free to NBF members, along with a suite of other market intelligence reports.

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