Due Diligence Testing Programme To Commence

The NBF Code of Practice exists to give your customers and consumers peace of mind that your products are safe, clean and honest so it is vital that they have faith in the process.

In addition to our in depth factory audits, the NBF Board therefore decided earlier this year that we should also carry out due diligence testing on a random selection of members’ products. We will also be testing non-members’ products where we are alerted to a potential problem. This programme is set to begin in the second half of the year.

As well as the relevant flammability tests, we’ll be taking a close look at the products’ specification in relation to trade descriptions – i.e. is it what it claims to be? Particular attention will be paid to claims on spring count, foam content and composition of fibre fillings – eg where the mattress claims to contain cashmere, mohair, silk etc, this will be checked and verified.

Our Code of Practice is already clear in stating that where there is a mix of fibres within one pad or loose filling, eg a wool filling containing cashmere, this cashmere should be at least 10% of the wool (not of the total filling).

Similarly, where the mattress is named as a memory foam/latex foam type and the implication is that this forms a major part of the product, there should be at least a full sheet of the relevant material covering the surface area of the mattress. If this is reduced to a strip or ‘belly band’ in the centre section, this should be clearly stated.

We’ll also be looking for evidence of any use of recycled materials or second hand spring units.

Of course, non-members are not subject to the NBF Code of Practice but they must still comply with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 which prohibits misleading actions and omissions when describing products and services as well as misleading prices.

We have already been alerted to a number of very dubious suppliers, traders and products on the market so will be taking a closer look and informing our Primary Authority, West Yorkshire Trading Standards, should we uncover anything untoward.

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