NBF research reveals consumers will pay more for eco-designed mattresses

The latest consumer survey by the National Bed Federation (NBF) has revealed that sustainability issues are becoming an increasingly important factor in mattress purchasing decisions.

The Consumer Research*, undertaken in July, showed that almost three-quarters of those who purchased a mattress would be prepared to pay more if they knew it had been designed and constructed in such a way as to avoid ending up in landfill at the end of its life.

Said Simon Williams, the NBF’s head of marketing and membership: “When consumers were informed that around 75% of old mattresses currently end up in landfill sites, but that there are mattresses now available that have been designed so they can be completely deconstructed and fully recycled at their end of life, they were happy to pay more for these types.”

Of those who said they were prepared to pay more, 29% said they would pay up to an extra 5%; 38% said they would be prepared to pay between 6-10% more and 19% said they would pay between 11-15% more.

The ‘mean’ extra that they would be prepared to pay was just under 10% more.

This finding comes on the back of the NBF calling on government to support its plans for a nationwide programme to fund a service enabling everyone to recycle their used mattresses.

The full consumer research report is available to NBF members only and can be accessed via www.bedfed.org.uk

*The survey was carried out by ‘Censuswide’, based on a broadly representative sample of 1,000 people – by age, gender and region – who had purchased a mattress from July 2022 to July 2023.

The NBF is the recognised trade body for the bed industry and its members account for around 75% of the total UK bed turnover. 

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