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Maybe time for a new mattress

Is your sleep suffering from Mattress May Day? The foundation of good sleep is a comfortable, supportive bed, regularly replaced, ideally every seven years. Our month-long campaign highlights the reasons why it might be time to swap that old mattress for a brand new one. From a logo to quirky infographics to a poster we’ve got something for everyone to support the campaign. Use the logo within your own POS, on your website or alternatively we’ve got artwork for a poster on why it’s time for a new mattress plus two fun infographics that are ideal for sharing on social media!

Resource pack includes ‘May be time for a new mattress’ logo, infographics and poster

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National Bed Month

Bed Month runs throughout the whole of March and is an ideal opportunity for you to push that new bed sale. Use our new logo within your own advertising, promotion or on social media.

There’s also new web banners, a poster and social media infographic.

Resource pack includes the National Bed Month Logo, poster, web banners and Infographic

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National Sleep In Day

Download our National Sleep In Day logo and Editorial Calendar for use in your own promotional materials for this annual event. The calendar can be used over all social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Resource pack includes the ‘National Sleep In Day’ logo

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To download the National Sleep in Day Editorial calendars please click the links below:

Calendar PDF Calendar Word Document

Here you will find all our latest artwork which is available for you to download for FREE and use within your own marketing and promotions. From logos and web banners to posters, leaflets and social media infographics, we’re arming you with plenty of tools to sell that new bed!

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Get set to talk to sleep this September to support our ‘Sleeptember’ awareness campaign. It will run throughout the whole of September and will highlight the importance of getting a good night’s sleep – in particular through a comfortable, supportive bed. There’s a host of tools we’ve armed you with to support this campaign from a logo you can use in your POS, to three different poster options, web banners, fact sheets and infographics.

Resource pack includes ‘Sleeptember’ logo, posters, infographics, banners and fact sheet

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Sleep Safe. Sleep Sound

We’ve got some fantastic new artwork to help you promote the NBF Code of Practice including new web banners – both animated and static, plus some great new posters and roundels.

Continuing the theme ‘Look for the Big Tick’ the new creative focuses on the positive reasons for choosing NBF Approved products. The NBF Code is about championing good practice and high standards in the UK bed industry and these new marketing materials have been designed to give retailers and consumers reassurance that the products they choose to buy are safe, clean and honest.

As well as the new web banners, there’s poster artwork that can be printed to different shapes and sizes for use in shop windows, as hanging banners, wall posters, window stickers or to place on or next to NBF products on display in-store. Within this toolkit is a leaflet which is a great tool to encourage customers to think about buying NBF Approved beds. It is available in print quality and as single pages for online use.

If you require artwork in any other format than provided in the toolkit, please contact us.

Resource pack includes posters, web banners, leaflets and roundels

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Seven Year Hitch

Our Seven Year Hitch campaign is to reach our goal of a seven year replacement bed cycle and reminding the customer that while their mattress may look ok, it may not be ok – ie not helping them to get a good night’s sleep! We’ve armed you with the tools to support this message – including a logo, posters and a leaflet.

Resource pack includes ‘Seven Year Hitch’ logo and posters

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Buy British Beds

Helping you to flag up British made beds. As well as a special version of The Sleep Council logo with a Union Jack face that can be used to help consumers quickly pick out a bed that has been made in Britain, we’ve designed a new infographic for use on social media plus a poster that can be printed to various sizes. Fly the flag for all things British!

Resource pack includes Buy British logos, posters and infographics

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Teen Sleep

Over-use of mobile devices, particularly at night, is a major contributing factor of sleep deprivation amongst teenagers.

Teen Sleep focuses on the importance of ensuring teenagers get the best sleep possible with the strapline that a new bed will help teens sleep, feel and perform better .

Our toolkit consists of a logo (in both colour and mono) and both horizontal and vertical banners that could be used as in-store or shop window posters or alternatively use them as banners on your website.

Resource pack includes ‘Teen Sleep’ logo and banners

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Perfect Sleep Environment

Do you think your customers know what the Perfect Sleep Environment is? Now’s your chance to tell them: what’s in their bed and the reasons why they should replace their bed after seven years! There’s also some great A5 showcards with our top four Sleep Thieves and Sleep Helpers which are ideal for window or shop displays.

Resource pack includes ‘Perfect Sleep Environment’ logo, posters, and showcards

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